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Fighting permits case-by-case is necessary, but it's only part of the solution. Long-term management of the Peace River Basin requires effective legislation and partnerships.

At the state and federal level, we are working to establish new laws that will protect the Peace River Basin from future mining operations. We are also working to repair the damage that has already been done.

  • We would like new laws that hold phosphate companies liable for long-term damage to the environment. Phosphate companies should be required to provide financial assurance before they dig. If damage occurs, their money should pay for it, not the taxpayers'.
  • We would like to see the phosphate companies offer a long-term comprehensive plan of future mining operations. We want to know what they plan to do with our resources.
  • We would like the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a comprehensive Environmental Impact Study that accesses more than the immediate area of a proposed site. The accumulated impacts of mining travel far beyond the mines. We need to know exactly how far the damage is going to spread.

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